Sample Progress Bar Chart Excel Template Example

Visualizing advancement in project goals and achieved deliverables can now be viewed through progress bar chart. You can now understood clearly, where your project teams are working and which of the area require priority, therefore you can manage deliverables and time schedules accordingly. Project tracking is now smooth and proficient through well designed progress chart which shows the timelines and other important factors in form of bars, and you are able to quickly analyze, which of the areas of the project are going as planned as well as spotlighting areas, require your consideration.

Progress bar chart features:

Simple or major changes can now be made in your production process, through having this template and here are some pros of the template.

It displays status updates of the jobs through bars.

  • Generally project managers, keep changing the schedules, if they are not effective and to check out this one, they are required to look for the current status of the job and then matching it against planned job.
  • All the project deliverables and their current level and leftover time for completing them is shown up on single spreadsheet.
  • It helps you analyze, what is going on in the specific department and how your production team is performing, therefore, you never miss out any important element, due to availability of this data in form of bars.

Choice of monitoring project progress for the single project or multiple projects

  • Although a specific bar progress chart shows the important elements and timeline of the single project, however you can record down all this Information for all of your projects.
  • It prevents confusion, which is specific project name, number and other identification information is available in the template as well.
  • You are able to select the required project and it will show the progress level made for the specific project.

Customizable and ready to use

  • You are never limited of choices, once you are having this template with you.
  • It allows customization and modification for the certain elements, helping you better motivate your team members towards work.
  • It is ready to use, saving your time.

Excel thermometer chart

An external or internal strength as well as weakness for the specific project is highlighted and spotted better through this project. this is because, this excel thermometer is prepared for aiding industries in making better control over their complex projects and production units.

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