20+ Sample Fake Report Card Template

Real & fake report card template” is used by the High schools for the grading and result purposes. This report card template helps the school principals and make ease for the teachers. For the grading and final term results and the remarks to the students.

Schools should be very efficient in its work because they have to maintain their reputation in society. The teacher feels very easy to give a result to a particular student as for the whole subjects on one sheet.

The assessment task will be easy if the schools use the report card template that is easy to use and customizable also. fake report card template will help you to make this task easy for the teachers and also for the parents for a quick review.

Advantages to Use Real & Fake Report Card Template:

  1. Assessment is easy
  2. A quick review of all details
  3. Customizable
  4. Printable
  5. Easy to use
  6. Efficient to use for result purposes.
  7. Student’s result summarize a report

Functionality & Use:

There are 9 easy steps to fill this Fake Report Card Template out for the best use that contains following details in it:

  1. School’ Name

In the first step, you must mention the name of your Institution from whom the result is going to be issued.

  1. Address of the school

The street and sectional complete address of the school must be written below the name of the school heading.

  1. Student Name

Thirdly, mention the name of the student. For instance, Write Report for KEE JOHN OR John Kinley etc.

  1. Date and time

The date of the result on which it is prepared, that date must mention as a duration of the whole study of the student for example, from January 2011 to 31 January 2012.

  1. Course

There are many types of courses a student attends a particular school or class. So, there will be different teachers for each subject, therefore, you must mention the COURSES that a student attend to evaluate individually.

Student Attendance Sheet

  1. Teachers

The different subject of courses may have different teachers so, the teacher name must be mentioned in the fake report card template in teacher name section.

Mention the teacher’s names under which a student is studied in a particular class. So, that teachers can individually assess the student as per his/her subject that he teaches and mark the marks on the sheet.

  1. Terms of Results

Terms of the results are the different exam sections in which a school take exams. Like the 1st term exam, second, third, fourth term exam and at the end of the year final exam. All sessions records are mandatory for the annual result report purposes.

The school may have 3 session 1st, 2nd, and last 3rd or final term. Therefore, in the end, all marks that a student obtains in the first and second round. Must display so that the end result could be calculated as a Grand Total of the student report card.

  1. Additional Comments

Additional comments are mostly reviews by the teachers to the student. That must on the fake report card template because it determines the overall evaluation.

Download Free Real & Fake Report Card:

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Fake Report Card Template

Template 2:

Fake Report Card Template

School Report template 3:

Fake Report Card Template

High School Report 4:

Homeschool Report Card 5:

Fake Report Card Template

Section for additional comments:

This section is for the above mention purpose. The teachers may give remarks to the students by reviewing these all. Because they are the suggestions to assess and give the review.

In the End, fake report card template helps the teachers to assess the student easily and in an efficient manner.


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