Rental Agreement Template xls

Rental agreement template XLS is buildup using different formats and templates however basic purpose of this document is to make aware the both parties about the terms and conditions they must follow during the agreement period to enjoy harmony and peace in the property premises and also to prevent both parties from any legal trouble.

Format of Rental Agreement Template Xls

  • Email address of both parties
  • Damage deposit
  • Late payments
  • Number of people

  • Due date of rent
  • Utilities
  • Property details
  • Notices
  • Advance amount

Rental agreement clearly states the conditions which are required to follow by tenant including number of occupants. Some people prefer small families when renting out property as it offers security to appliances and furniture in the property therefore these types of landlords must specify number of occupants to prevent discussions and disputes later. XLS template consisting of all the important points is therefore used by most landlords.

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