Rent Receipt Template XLS

Rent receipt XLS is used to record each monetary transaction occurred between landlord and the occupant as in certain cases some rent amount is due on occupant. Sometime tenant pay out the advance rent amount to landlord while at other times he pay out half or quarter payment of rent therefore it is important to prepare rent receipts to prevent confusion.

Format of rent receipt XLS

  • On (date)
  • Tenant name
  • Paid $ in
  • Mode of payment

Rent receipt Template xls copy

  • For rent of
  • Balance due after the payment
  • Money received by signature
  • Money paid by signature

Rent amount which is paid as well as amount which is left must be mentioned clearly on the receipt so that it can be shown by any party. Signature from both parties on the receipt XLS shows the reality of transaction. When the agreement period is over it is required to make the payment to tenant which he has paid as security deposit when agreement was prepared.

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