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eeIn case you run a rental service for anything like house, vehicles, property, rooms or any other thing, rent receipt is the most important official document that you will generate to your clients. Using Excel receipt template, it becomes easier and quickly to outline the details of payee and generate a documented proof of payment. These receipts are usually issued over payment of rent on monthly or any other decided basis.

Taking an example case of hotel, hostel, rent a car or room rent services, each month, hundreds of receipts have to be generated to different clients. In such case, annual rental receipt are the best short hand solution. All you have to do is to create a suitable template on Excel spreadsheet, list down your tariff and payment structure on it and save it. As soon as a client approaches for payment, enter his particular information and print receipt. It will save your time, keep your work standard and precise.

Format of Rent Receipt Template Excel

Since the purpose of rental receipt is to generate a slip recording details of payment and provide a documented proof to payer, therefore the format of template is not fixed. One can have their own format of recording details. However there are some standard parameters which must be kept in view in order create a professional receipt;

  • Write down the name of your rental services on the main title position
  • Write down the name of client, payer and his details such as contact info
  • Write down the amount being paid and the purpose or description of amount
  • Write down date and mode of payment such as cash, draft or online transfer
  • Lastly add the section of signature by the receiver to verify that the amount has been paid

These are few important elements which you must keep in mind while creating these templates.

House Rent Agreement Templates:

For proper rental services and acquisition of property or goods on rental basis, Word agreement templates are quite effective and short hand solution. These templates are especially designed and created for such purpose. Instead you open MS Word and start writing a new agreement document every time, it is indeed the best and easiest way to open a ready template and fill in details in right places.

These templates very helpful for those who have to regularly use this agreement draft for example real estate business and property dealers. For standard documentation of deal between parties, rental agreement templates enable you to quickly sum up all the required information of both parties and the form of deal they mutually agreed to. Layout and format of content is already set. It doesn’t take you much time to elaborate details on the document and take a print.

Rental Receipt Example 1Rental Receipt Example 2
rent receipt template excel

Format of Rental Agreement Templates

As far as the format of rental agreement template is concerned, one can have their own custom layout used in this document. For the purpose of house rent receipt there is no fixed format layout instead the purpose is to record settle points between renters and rental parties. Once the content of mutual decision is documented, both parties sign it and verify their opinion. Therefore instead of typical layout, it is more important that you must include basic and necessary information from both sides. Take a look on the points listed below to have an idea about the general layout of rent receipt template;

  • Start with the name of your rental agency on the main title position
  • Write a sub heading stating the purpose of document
  • Write down the name of client, his contact information and other details
  • Write down the details of the property of goods being acquired on rental basis
  • Write down the terms and conditions mutually decided by both ends
  • Lastly comes the section of signature which verifies the opinion of both ends

These are some key elements which must constitute the general format of this draft.


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