Project Status Report Template in Excel

For different motives separate types of reports are prepared but of the principal report needed in multinational firms are weekly project status report. It helps in jugging work stage and project progress after a week.

It integrates events and work done during seven days of the week. Therefore, it provides a quick review of the weekly report. It should be effectual to fulfill its goal.

A project manager should be aware of project completion stage so he can switch people position if necessary and he can decide this with the help of weekly report.

Project status report templates excel:

This term simply indicate the summing up of elements of week so it tells exactly that goals set for the week has been achieved or left incomplete due to negligence or due to some other factor. Whether the week is wasted or it is used effectively this is the main motive of the project status template.

Microsoft Excel works best for multiple projects report at a time by using different titles and unique headings.

  • Different dates can be set for individual projects.
  • Different types of templates are accessible in Microsoft excel which can be modified according to the need of users.
  • A clear and understandable weekly report can help the project manager in management and checking whether the project is going on as decided.
  • Information provided in the project will be summarized and only relevant information can be provided will help the project manager in saving time which is an important factor nowadays.
  • The report developed in Microsoft excel can be categorized to gain maximum help and advantage from it and also to understand it easily.

  • If a project is stuck at a point due to poor decision making or lack of knowledge a project manager can go through the project report .he can track the work progress through this report and make it complete in the given time period.
  • Templates can be made more professional and user-friendly by using different colors for representing different projects.
  • Templates can be easily managed by the project manager by constantly updating the project status there for it helps saving more time .if it is done on paper manually papers can be lost or damaged and they cannot be updated easily and efficiently.

The project manager has important duty of monitoring project. They have to clearly understand how much work is done and how much work is left on the project. For this, a simple and understandable platform is needed. Microsoft excel templates can work best in this regard.

They have to let their seniors know that how the project ongoing on .further more they have to provide more assistance to team members of the project so that the project can be completed on time.

It’s not easy to look at each project on a separate spreadsheet so Microsoft excel templates are ideal for multiple projects.



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