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What would be the mode of invoice totally depends on who writes it. If the seller prepares this bill for sales record, it will be the sales invoice but if seller hands over the bill to buyer carrying all the details of transaction and supportive for buyer’s end, it will be purchase slip.

Significance of Invoice:

These days, almost every business relies on this mode of billing as one single slips contains all required information, article details, particulars being purchased or sold, amount served in the activity, any aftermarket services and conditions of services all mentioned on the note.

These invoices are mostly generated through computerized mechanism and are expected to be more authentic and time saving than ordinary billing methods. In professional circles like whole sale marts, retail centers and even small scale shops, deployment of properly formatted invoice has become the common trend and customers don’t need t wait in the queue so that cashier may write all the things on the paper and then sum up the bill. This is all as rapid as the decision of buying any product or not.

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