Printable Horse Lease Agreement Template XLS

Horse lease agreement allows the lease to enjoy the animal without having full possession of it however he is responsible for caring the animal while he is under his observation. It is composed to keep both parties away from disputes which can be arise from confusion and end up in the court.

Format of Horse Lease Agreement

  • Lease term and price
  • Date of beginning
  • LESSOR’s discretion
  • Care of the horse
  • Limitation of liability
  • Conditions
  • LESSEE initial
  • LESSOR’S remedies on breach
  • Representations

Horse Lease Agreement Samples:

Horse Lease Sample 1Horse Lease Sample 2

Agreement reflect conditions and terms which are required to follow by both LESSEE or LESSOR like LESSEE is not responsible for events which can terrify a horse like tornadoes, lightning and thunderstorms. Horse lease is a proper procedure and it consists of safety precautions required to practice by LESSEE while riding the horse.

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