Printable Basic Roommate Agreement Template

Basic roommate agreement is formulated when the tenant is offering the particular room to some other person in the premises he has taken to rent from the landlord of the property. Roommates in the particular premises are required to act according to the expectations of the owner or the tenant of the property from which they have taken the room on rent.

Format of basic roommate agreement

  • Address of rental unit
  • Term of lease
  • Name
  • Rent per month

  • Security deposit
  • Bedroom to be occupied
  • Utility bills
  • Phone bills

Agreement ensures peace and harmony in the rented out premises as each roommate is aware of the security deposit amount contributed by him/her and in case of any harm to the premises or when the rent is paid late the amount deducted from the security deposit he has paid while moving in therefore basic roommates are aware of their duties towards the property.

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