Price Quotation Format

In formal working terms, price quotation format varies with respect to the nature of business and type of products or services you are dealing with. There are various Excel quotation templates which help you sourcing and establishing up to the mark kind of quotation document stating all the concerned queries of your clients.

Using this template, you can build a strong layout of all descriptive elements which you need to elaborate to your client. For making it catchy and appropriate, make sure there must be no ambiguity in the format and presentation of elements so that any can easily go through specific details.

Format of Price Quotation Template:

There are various techniques and layouts followed in professional working to create a smart and decisive Excel quotation template format. Depending on the utility and complication of details, these designs and elementary additions can vary. But there are some generic content headings which you need to add in the draft to make it standard template for the desired purpose.

Price Quotation Template Format

Have a look on the listed features below which you must take care of;

  • Write the company name of the main title position of Excel spreadsheet
  • Add a text box to write the description of document as quotation for specific purpose and a brief complimentary paragraph to praise your client
  • Draw a column of item number on the left most side and list down all the items or components
  • Make a column of product name next to the first one and write all products or services inquired
  • Make a column of price per unit and add the Excel function of multiplication with unit number to easily find the total cost for particular item
  • Add a section of delivery terms and conditions and also write applied working conditions
  • Add another section to write negotiation policies
  • Lastly is the enclosure segment in which you need to add the verification statement from issuer and signature which authenticates that the quotation belongs to genuine source.

Following as above mentioned price quotation format these primary instructions regarding the standard content outline, you can create a meaningful document which will satisfy all the queries of your client.

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