Lease Extension Request Form

Lease extension form is a type of legal document formulated when lease period of the specific property is over or is about to terminate. If any party in the agreement is interested in extending the lease period this document is prepared using specific format required in specific country and state.

Format of lease extension form

  • Date when the extension period is started
  • Month and date
  • Property address
  • Expiry date of the previous agreement

Lease Extension Request Form

  • Renewal date
  • Beginning and termination date
  • Monthly installment
  • Witness

Form is usually composed in Microsoft word using available templates in the tool. This form can be re-used if required. Signatures of owner and tenant verify that both are agreed to the extension of the agreement as well as amount of monthly installment is also mentioned. Lease extension form clearly shows amount which has been increased from the previous monthly installment.

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