Landlord Rent Receipt Template

Landlord rent receipt template is functional for the users as one copy is usually saved in the computer where it is prepared therefore in case of lost of receipt by both parties this receipt can be utilized to provide payment information about the selected month of the year. It is easy to prepare and use.

Format of landlord rent receipt template:

  • Date
  • Receipt #
  • Total amount to be received
  • Amount received

  • Balance due
  • Mode of payment
  • Land lord name, phone number and address
  • Tenant name, phone number and address

Landlord receiving the rent from more than one tenant can easily forget transaction details which can be trouble for him or tenant. Rent receipts shows the amount required to pay by tenant therefore it can provide evidence to both parties. When tenants are leaving the premises returning the security amount can be easily calculated by viewing this template.

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