Inventory Dashboard Excel Template Format

For appropriate record keeping of stocks, “inventory dashboard template is one supportive tool for procurement managers. Excel dashboard templates are therefore exclusive built to ease this process by merging all the significant factors of consideration during inventory management on one single note. Using this dashboard front, you can place desire segments of working and customize arrangement and these templates automatically analyze and conclude the total position of items.

Excel inventory dashboard is more superb from the viewpoint of customization as you can add multiple other features. Analytic tools into it using excel VBA Macros where you can select proportionate outcomes depend on your format of working.

Dashboard arrange in a way, that all concerning elements of working at one platform. Where you don’t need to open and explore different items individually. It’s interface is therefore set ready, to cumulatively perform a function. Therefore excel templates are very supportive for this purpose.

Sample “Stock Inventory Dashboard”:

Inventory dashboard Template Excel

Inventory Dashboard Template – Management Software:

Since project management depend in wide spread calculations and assessments of different values. Therefore critical portions of working need supportive of such tools and features. Which may project the oriented outcomes and end results.

Inventory dashboard Template Format is one such basis to conclude all the influencing factors of inventory and stock management. Easing the entire job of record keeping and updating through automated templates.

You only need to update the values of items, available in stock. This template will automatically refresh the entire data, telling you the right and exact available amount of stocks and their consumption.

Providing further critical details of usage and output, it can also help you, in configuring your production process and other objectives by forecasting various assessments on the basis of trends in the market. It major targets two prominent roles of stock record keeping;

  1. Update stock condition
  2. Availability unit base on the consumption rate

How To Manage your Stock Using This Template?

Are you continuously facing running out of stock affecting your sales revenues? Download professional excel template which is excellent for stock tracking purpose. To eliminate inventory theft practice from store, carry out stock taking process on monthly basis through downloading stock taking template also available here.

Excel template for stock tracking evaluate value of inventory in warehouse through generating actual information and prevent loss for your company actually face when you need item, is unavailable due to its deficiency or running out.

Stock monitoring is not only important for projects in fact, it is requirement of hospitality industry as well, like hotels and restaurants are also need to keep strict hold on the presence of require ingredients in their store and kitchen. For fulfilling daily tasks stationery requirement in other working places efficiently.

Grab Your Copy – Excel File Download:

Filename: Home Inventory Spreadsheet

File Size: 22 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free Trial) Comment Back For Full Version

Download File: Link

Author Name: Najam

How Inventory Dashboard Template Will Work:

Hence this template in simple format and compatible with different versions of Microsoft office, making them ideal for your business place:

Department’s requirement: for maintaining easy tracking, you must add each department requirement for specific stock item on daily basis and then calculating with number of days.

Ongoing projects: requirement of stock, depend on the on going projects, therefore managers can provide details regarding what you require for projects, which is already set up in sheets.

Delivery time: generally time of three days or more for delivery of items, which is part of it as well.

Using this sheet is entirely simply, however you need to download it before using. Just review all the template sheets available here and look for one close to your desire format. Simply click on it and select download. Yes it is this easy!


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  5. Please send inventory dashboard template format

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  9. May i have the Inventory dashboard Template Format?


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  10. HI @Nicolas thanks for your visit, I have sent you email along with inventory dashboard template. Hope you like it.


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