How to Write an Eviction Letter Template

Letter to tenant for eviction is usually a result of some unacceptable activity of the tenant practiced by him in the premises. Usually terms and conditions are clearly added in the agreement before moving in the premises like number of occupants, pets, visitors late night, drug use and late payments.

Format of letter to tenant for eviction

  • Number of days
  • Substantial damage done to the property
  • Comply with material term of lease
  • Behavior

Letter to Tenant for Eviction

  • Adversely affect on other tenants
  • Landlord/agent name
  • Address
  • Signature

Letter is sent to tenants and paying guests when their activities may impose risk to other tenants living in the same premises. Usually late night guests are not allowed by the landlords when they are living in the same premises or drug inhaling of any sort is not allowed therefore when tenants are not respecting the terms the eviction letter is sent to them by landlords.

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