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This invoice template entails the description of sales taken place in a market or a shop or superstore. It is being widely used by the sellers and salesmen, for it acts as a verified record of sales transaction taken place between a seller and a buyer.

Features of a Sales Invoice Template:

It generally has a very simple design and features. It contains the description of sales taken place as well as the number of items of a respective product that is sold to a customer.

Example 1:


Writing name of the customer is optional as some giant super stores might take it along with the email ID of the customer for sending the updates about a certain product which the customer has bought or in which the customer has shown some interest in purchasing at the store.

Example 2:

Other than that, the name and logo of the super store, market, or brand provider is generally mentioned at the very top of the cash receipt template excel. The date of purchase is also mentioned. The amount or price of the product is also mentioned. The discount, if offered by the seller, is also mentioned on this invoice. In case of discount, the customer is only required to pay that amount which is obtained after subtracting the discounted amount from the total price of the product.

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