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Usually due to any undesired accident a part of the property is damaged therefore House rental agreement or lease is specifically used in these types of circumstances to help both the landlord and tenant utilizing the place. Usually a full house or the apartment is given to tenants by coming in an agreement providing security to both parties.

Format of House Rental Agreement or Lease

  • Terms of occupancy
  • No re-renting
  • Leasing
  • Transferring of property

  • Owner
  • Renter
  • Owner signature
  • Renter signature
  • Mailing address of both

Usually crimes are faced by owners in the past when the tenants has lease the property to other people showing them as the owner of the property therefore terms are laid down in the lease agreement to prevent this type of situation. House rental helps a person as if he is required to share premise with someone else he can take a written permission from the landlord.

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