Free Customer Complaint Form Excel Template

In after market services, customers are always acknowledged with their problems and faults occurring in their purchased products. Customer complaint forms are therefore very effective and handy solution to maintain the proper record of complains and respective feedback.

Free Excel form templates are verily available on open source markets which help you catering this entire extensive record keeping job within devised format and help you arranging the relevant information in organized manner. Instead of confusing various complaints and making it complicated, these templates let you establish distinct entry of each noted complaint.

Format of Customer Complaint Form

There are no resident instructions regarding the format and layout of customer complaint forms but everyone can have its own style and layout for this formal document.

Example 1:

customer complaint form template

What the type of content will be added to it depends on the type of products and services relevant to the business of any company but there are some general formatting aspects which one must add to make it formal and up to the standards. Below here is the compiled list of all such features which must be on the document note;

  • Form should start with company name on the main title position
  • Write nature of form on the sub heading position specifying that what exactly this form is form
  • Add a section of name and contact details of customer who is proposing the complaint
  • Add a section of product reference or services reference name and space for article number in case of product
  • Add a section for the description of complaint
  • If want it more formal, you can add the sections for date and day of problem occurrence
  • Also add a section of user remarks
  • Now come to the bottom end of form and add some relevant sections for office use like, form receiving officer’s name, suggested solution from management and
  • Add a section of signature and verification to authenticate that the form is geneuine
  • Use font size of 16 for main heading and for all the rest of sub headings, use font size 14

Sequence of elements can be changed and re-ordered according to requirements.

Free Excel Complaint Form Templates

For all kinds of documentation purposes, MS Office suit is the best and most common solution. download free Excel form templates, you can instantly registered all these complaints in a sequence without confusing two complaints and for user record purpose, you can make a little bit alterations in the format and print it out to handover the users to add all suggested details.

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