Format of Invoice for Payment Advice Template

You are at right place if you are curious about format of invoice for payment advice templates designed and added here regularly. Payment advice letter and vendor advice templates are also added in the list for your help. Are you aware of the fact that most sales in the business is carried out using credit terms therefore receipt templates are adopted by companies to add the details of the sold items and let the other company know about the amount they are required to pay. Payment advice templates are also required if the payment period as agreed by both parties during selling procedure is over and company require the payment amount to use it somewhere else. Usually friendly notice is used to remind the other companies about the payment amount.

Format of Service Invoice with Payment Advice

  • Service company name is added.
  • Company address and city is indicated on template.
  • Date, invoice number and fax number is indicated.

Invoice For Payment Advice: Sample 1


  • Remit payment to name, address and bill to be added in this template.
  • Sales representative name, terms and due date is showed up in the table.
  • Description of items and line total is showed up in another table.

Payment Advice Template in Excel

Additional invoice information and activity is a major part of the advice template used in excels templates. Invoice total based on items bought, amount paid and still owning is added in the template to let the other party become aware of the updated information. Date and reference is also given in the advice template.

Sample of Invoice For Payment

To prevent confusion to be faced by any party invoice for payments are formulated instantly when specific items are good and sold out. These receipts are provided to other companies, suppliers and vendors. [sociallocker]Format of payment invoices[/sociallocker] can be observed here by you.

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