Factory Cleaning Roster – Scheduling Template

In order to ensure a clean and sound working atmosphere, factory cleaning roaster are designed to orderly manage the operations of cleaning and maintenance. There are exclusively designed Excel roster templates which help in balanced scheduling of activity with the equivalent workload and proportion of responsibility for each individual of the organization.


Roster basically refers to a plan with a fixed interval which states the duty of an individual or a group with plan of working and leaves.

In a large scale industrial facility, the process of cleaning itself is very complicated and lengthy. It is not marginally possible for a single person to cover all the regions of the operational site each day.

Therefore using cleaning roster templates, you can easily distribute these duties among the team of cleaners and by managing the schedule in your template

You can instantly check which portion has to be clean on a particular day and which team or individual is assigned to that region. Resultantly it makes it easier for you to keep a check and instantly report to the concerned authorities over any lose attitude.

Factory Cleaning Roster

Format of Factory Cleaning Roster

As the nature of this document is personalized to the code of conduct and distinct action plan of every company, therefore typical database may vary in each case but the generalized pattern of entries and mostly the layout is similar. Since the purpose of its utility is similar that is to manage the side operations of the cleaning process and maintaining a sound environment of working. Some illustrated points regarding the format of factory cleaning roster are listed below here;

  • Make columns and in the first column, list all the important segments which are considered for cleaning
  • List all the cleaning workers parallel to their assigned region
  • On the perpendicular axis, draw a time table or weekly schedule conceding each segment by each day
  • Relate timings and duration of work
  • In a separate column, mention the days of leaves for every individual

These are the most prominent and significant additives which must be included in a rightly designed roster in order to construct basic components.

industrial cleaning

Excel Roster Templates

What else could be the best platform than computer tools these days, to regulate, automate and efficiently manage extensive work which is not possible either way with a manly coordination? Use of certain tools with the capacity of analytical workout and giving precise results is very common and healthy in today’s working culture. Download excel file editable, use it according to the size of your organization.


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