Employee Vacation Planner Template Excel Tracker

Employee vacation planner template” is used to plan the vacations of employees. As well as their working and non-staffed days.

This template helps you with information needed about the vacations of employees. Human Resource Manager can easily view all the records about vacations. HR manager can track all the information & details easily from here because in this template there are two sections

  • Input section
  • Output section

So, the HR manager can view the summarize details about working details, non-staffed days, vacations in the output section of the employee vacation planner template.

Inputs section of Employee Vacation Planner:

In this section, you must put all the details about the

  • Starting Date
  • of employees needed daily
  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • Enter vacation dates

Starting date:

You must write the starting date of the vacation that an employee wants to take. Therefore, it shows the starting date on the calendar.

No. of employees:

You must write the Number of employees needed for work on a daily basis. The strength of employees that must be there for work so that the sheet can calculate the non-staffed days.


You must mark the weekends on the sheet. These days cannot be calculated as the working days these are off days.


You must write the holidays, that will not be reckoned as waged days

Vacation Dates:

Afterward, you must enter the vacation dates. The days which the employer requires or wants to take. Enter the from-to dates of vacation. This will be shown in front of the employee’s names.

For instance, if an employee wants to take 2 phases of vacation that 2 phase you must write in two rows with the same employee’s name. Similarly, for others.

Employee Vacation Planner Template

Step 2 – Full-Time & Part-Time Employee Vacation Planner:

Output section:

Once you provide all the details in the inputs section the output section generates automatically and shows in two forms:

  • Vacation Calendar
  • Employees at Work

These two collectively known and shown as a dashboard of the employee absence schedule template.

Employees at work:

Employee Vacation Planner Template

It illustrates, the daily availability of the employees at work. An HR manager can see easily the summarized details about

  • Number of Employees
  • Unstaffed days
  • Number of Working days

Vacation Calendar:

Vacation calendar shows the vacation days of an employee. Each employee’s name is in this vacation calendar and it shows the vacations of those employees.

Template Credit: indzara.com

Moreover, this template also automatically calculates that how many of total employees are on vacation, how many of them are present on work as well as it also determines employees on unstaffed days.

The green blocks showing and representing the vacations, orange vertical lines symbolizing holiday, & gray line screening the weekend. Therefore, you can also change the colors of blocks illustration.


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