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If you are a service provider or product seller and your client acquire your cost chart, you can attach a cover letter which specifically explains the logical basis of your cost quotation. This letter is basically a substantial document providing explanatory details of the entire quotation and helps justifying your position to customers.

When a customer acquires a quotation, he might not be satisfied with the provisional rate list. This is a very crucial stage for the seller or service provider to make his customer believe the words.

Quote Cover Letter For Cost Quotation:

Using a smartly designed and well crafted cost cover letter, it becomes easier to provide justified statement which strengthen the basis of your quotation and help you gaining the trust and loyalty of customer along with his will to stick to your services. There are multiple formats and layouts devised to write this letter which is usually sent as a portion of professional documents and needs to be on standard marks.

Format of Cover Letter

There are no salient prospects followed in regards to the layout and presentation of cover letter but still there are some necessary elements which you need to impart for setting the best format. Main purpose of this document is to provide supplementary details of anything to justify the presented module.

Example 1:


Cover Letter A Cost Quotation Template

In this particular case, this letter is supposed to explain the basis for cost listing in the quotation. It is quite possible that after receiving your quotation form, a customer might lose his interest in preceding the deal with you. Therefore this formal document attached the main note is quit much helpful to elaborate every quoted price. Some of the major elements regarding its format are listed below here;

  • Starts with company name as main title on the top
  • Then comes the  date on the initial most place
  • After adding the date. Write name of client by addressing him and further write his contact details
  • Now write contract number or deal reference number
  • Write subject and state the purpose of lover
  • Now start writing the center body and explain why you have this quotation in the present form

Download Cover Letter:

Download cover letter quotation, in this central portion, you have to explain your customer that why you have quoted the listed prices and what are the market or business factors which have raised the prices. Also ask for suggested changes from your customers and follow the feedback.


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