Construction Bid Proposal Template Excel

A construction bid proposal is a proposition usually from engineering or building industry which offers it features and specifications to do a particular job. It also includes estimated cost and time period that is required to complete the work. There are various forms of construction proposals. Sometimes bid is for whole project like from contractor which offers a construction proposal for building a whole industrial area from start to end.

While in other case it can be from a contractor who needs to take care of stone work in that industrial area. Bids rated therefore fluctuate with size and type of project.

Construction Bid Proposal Template:

However in today’s growing and developing world there is a lot of competition in cooperate sector. To make a successful construction bid proposal knowledge related to project is needed like material cost needed in that project, site information, positive points and drawbacks related to working place.

Types of proposals

  • Lack of this knowledge will certainly result in losing that project. The bid which will be based on more updated and exact knowledge have more chances of being noticed and attaining success.
  • Bids can be sealed or open bids. Open bids have more chances of competition.
  • But nowadays mostly sealed that is closed bids are preferred as there are less chances of cheating, corruption and black money involved. so if a contractor has more information he can estimate cost and time more efficiently and the probability of gaining project is more than the other contractor.
  • Quality work is also necessary for gaining more projects in the future and earning good fame for the business which will be a advantage in earning more projects in future.

Good faith is also required to get a project. if there is some contractor who is offering lowest estimated and lowest time span to complete the project but his previous record of work is not good that is he has not completed work on time or asked for more money later will result in gaining bad fame for his industry that will be a major drawback for his industry in the future.

Construction bid Form:

There is not any fixed format for construction proposal template. It depends on type of business offering bid proposal or industry offering it however it can be created according to the needs. it can be created in various software including Microsoft word and excel. It should be well filled with complete details. a bid containing complete information has more chance of being noticed. it should be professional by mentioning previous experience as a plus point.


Microsoft excels and word can be best software in this regard as they offer various types of templates already present in it. It can be made perfect by little modification if needed. If there is not a suitable template present it can be easily created in Microsoft word and excel.

Company exact detail should be filled in senders’ information. Some well popular and large construction industries have well trained and specialist staff for this particular job. a proposal filled and submitted by them have more chances of gaining success.

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