Agreement of Lease

Agreement of lease is utilized as it is important to use a legal document while leasing out your houses, townhouses and moveable dwelling agreement is prepared when leasing out mobiles homes. The signature by two parties show that both are entitles to agreement terms once it is signed. Considering this agreement premises location can be determined.

Format of Agreement of Lease

  • ┬áTerms of residence
  • Amount paid in advance
  • Day of each month
  • Landlord/agent

Commercial Lease Agreement

  • Payments
  • Date of termination
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Expiration of time period

Terms of agreement usually show the date when the rent is due and must be paid by tenant. The time period for which tenant is also limited to the lease agreement is mentioned and in case of moving from the property before the agreement period is completed he is required to pay the rent for the months he has availed the property.

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