2017 – Microsoft World Championship is Excel Go-Home BBC News

Microsoft excel is favorite of all the companies and corporations, who are interested in data organization or simplify their most of the processes through using Microsoft excel. The tool is popular for personal and business use, and business dashboards are another highlight, making it preferable tool over technical software’s.

Microsoft is never a new name, due to its advances and excellent approach in the various fields, therefore when a world championship was decided and announced, it has already become target of different people who consider themselves experts in their field. The main concept of quiz is to come up with candidate actually expert in excel and excellent and expert command over it to fulfill its purpose.

Microsoft world championship and winner

Well as the candidates were coming from worldwide, strong competition is organized efficiently.

A winner is required to be expert over excel and its features.

4 tests and rounds were actually organized, so that best person can be selected.

It is carried out in November 2016.

Well only leading persons in these rounds are allowed to participate in the next.

Continuous competition and challenges were coming.

After all the rounds, only 14 people were taken as top competitors and they were required to be best, as the main purpose was “is what they have them with themselves, which make them best”.

After the tough competition and through self realization and confidence over candidates, Ghazanfer abidi from Canada, was considered best and he was the winner in the world championship organized by Microsoft.

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