Any loophole in the staff organization or tracking employee attendance system can lead to inaccurate decisions or may cause entire shift to become disturbed employee absence schedule template is design by professionals, so that updated employee attendance data is available in well structured form and excel spreadsheet is ideal for fulfilling this purpose. Employees tend to make leaves without any obvious cause as well, which must be identify.

For appointing a particular employee or for giving him increment, it is required to have the proper record of the employee attendance and absence schedule which is now available in electronic form through using these templates for your workplace. Employees tend to be sincere for work, and show more passion, if all the team is working properly.

Employee Absence Schedule (Template Highlights)

Now prevent unscheduled absences at your workplace through downloading this template. Here are its key highlights:

Sample Template:

It can handle absence schedule for the month or week, as required.

  • You may need to track down all the month view for the working days and holiday through downloading this template.
  • Advance schedule for the month can be maintain, so that, any holidays or absences which are not in schedule can avoid.

Template Consist of Following Features:

1- Employee Name:

Add employee name here in this box, In above image there are 5 names you can add up according to strength of your organization.

2- Number of Absence (Graphical Representation)

This is auto generated section and will calculate number of absence, to assist you in bird’s eye view a lay man can judge easily by the graphical line showing number of absentees. More absentees means more long line.

3- Alphabetic denotation to leave types:

Here you can set up colors according to your need if you leave this section untouched then the color will remain same like “Vacation” indicate by Mehroon Color, “Sick leaves” with green color and so on.

5- Main Attendance Marking Section:

Finally this is are where you are going to mark attendance of students or employees also (with some basic changes). as we talk earlier in fourth section here you can see vacation can be seen easily by indicating with different color as compared to other leaves types.

Download File:

Filename: “Employee-absence-schedule-template”

File Size: 68 Kb (Compressed)

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Download File: Link

Author Name: John Mathew (

Prepare personalized, absence schedule for all of your employees.

  • Now you are able to get template which is different from rest, and is prepared according to your comfort.
  • It is completely customizable and editable; therefore you are able to add more rows and columns, if required.
  • You can use it for all of your employees.

Here are templates prepared in different format, therefore you are able to select the one for your class, most appropriate with it. Check out which of the students in your class is most regular and which require your attention as a teacher. Hope you like it don’t forget to comments us back if you need any help or further customization required.